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At Otay Mesa Pallet Rack, we specialize in designing and constructing warehouse solutions that drive significant return on investment and customer value. Our corporate ethos centers around hard work, growth, and fostering mutual respect among our customers, employees, and vendors. Our primary objective is to deliver exceptional service to our clients.

Javier Tristan

Account Manager


Hi, my name is Javier, and I am proud to be bilingual in English and Spanish. Growing up in a multilingual household, I learned to speak both languages fluently at a young age. My bilingualism has allowed me to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and has given me a unique perspective on the world.

Speaking Spanish in the pallet racking industry can be a valuable asset, particularly in regions with a high population of Spanish speakers or in companies that have bilingual employees or clients. With the increasing demand for storage solutions and warehouse management, the pallet racking industry is continuously expanding, and being bilingual in Spanish can provide a competitive edge.

Overall, being bilingual has enriched my life in countless ways, and I am grateful for the unique perspective it has given me. I look forward to continuing to use my language skills to connect with others and make a positive impact in the world. Please see our Portfolio.

BeBe Kidwell

President, Owner

Josh Elgan

Vice President, Owner

Chris Rodriguez

Sales & Marketing Manager

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